Friday, March 11, 2011

Sonam Kapoor cuts her ties with John Galliano

 Sonam Kapoor, stays far away from controversies always, and disassociates herself from all those sources from where controversies may creep in. Well, we all know, how much fashion conscious this Kapoor girl is. And her favourite designer is John Galliano. John is a British fashion designer, who was the head designer for many years of Christian Dior. But, John in 2011 passed anti-Semitic remarks at a group of Italian ladies, in a pub after getting drunk. Soon after, Dior dismissed John for this condemned act of John. He faced trial in Paris for his racist comments on some customers of that Paris bar.
Sonam’s aversion to unwanted fuss is evident from the fact that she has decided to cut off links between her and John. She even has abandoned outfits designed by John. Who can forget the posh, dashing, chic look of Sonam in “Aisha”? And the man responsible for her drop-dead gorgeous look, in the film, was none other than John Galliano. Even though the film was not a hit, but Sonam got compliments on her looks, from one and all.
But, now that John is in a mess, and Sonam has vowed never to wear any Galliano outfits, how will she retain her gorgeous and fashionable looks, is to be found out!


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