Friday, April 8, 2011

Amanda Seyfried Still Talks to Ex Dominic Cooper

Amanda Seyfried has recently spoken about her heartbreak after ending her love affair with English actor Dominic Cooper... but apparently all is OK in the post-love department for these two. Has new flame Ryan Phillippe band-aided her breakup scars?

She recently said about her trip to Dominic's hometown of London: "It’s going to be a good trip and I’m not apprehensive about going back. I miss it so much and anyway he’s not going to be there. He’s away shooting, although we are very much in touch.” 

The professional and personal stars have apparently aligned for Seyfried -- she is perfectly smug with her life and is going to take some time off work to enjoy it. 

"I’m going to be having a bit of a break after the trip to London. And I’m happy. Things are looking good right now," she told the Daily Telegraph. 

So after saying she got her "heart broken pretty hard" and wasn't sure if she would be able to "open myself up to a new person" after Dominic cheated on her, Seyfried has proven herself wrong. 


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