Monday, April 11, 2011

Victoria Beckham Wants to Name Girl 'Santa'

With three sons named Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz, Victoria Beckham is expected to choose a very unique name indeed for her unborn daughter, her fourth child with husband David.

According to UK tabloid Metro, Victoria has been tossing around a one-of-a-kind name for her future daughter: Santa. The name is supposedly inspired by the Los Angeles coastal suburb Santa Monica.

A source claims, "Posh thinks Santa Beckham has a lovely ring to it and wants something unique. David prefers something traditional, but will probably go along with what she chooses."

Hmm. It's hard to believe anyone with Posh's impeccable taste would risk naming her baby girl anything that might have her frequently mistaken for a pudgy bearded man. We're thinking she'll go for something with a bit more panache, like Dolce Hermés Birkin Beckham.


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