Saturday, April 9, 2011

Mallika Sherawat turns a sizzling avatar for the FHM

 The daring actress of Indian cinema, Mallika Sherawat has graciously featured on the cover of prestigious Indian edition magazine of FHM, effectively for April 2011. Mallika Sherawat who is truly known in Bollywood for her avatar that is quite bold is rightfully finding it hard to perfectly balance her marvellous career. She very much tried to woo the magnificent directors of Hollywood but it all went in vein. In true sense, she unfortunately even lost her presence in Bollywood because of this reason.
Mallika Sherawat tried very hard to win back, her crowned postion in the tinsel town so far, only time will be able to tell whether she will succeed in her endeavour or not. Anyway, it is impossible to guess what was going on in the mind of the actress when she agreed to do the photo shoot for the FHM magazine.
She has acted in many roles, in the Indian cinema throughout her career. Most of the characters she played were audacious. Let us wait for the reaction of the viewers in India, about the bold photos of her in the magazine. She has once again proven that she is the most dare to bare actress of the Indian movie industry.


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