Friday, April 8, 2011

Natalie Portman Defends Her Dancing in 'Black Swan'

After receiving rave reviews and the Best Actress Academy Award for her role in Black Swan, Natalie Portman quickly came under fire from her dance double, Sarah Lane, who claimed that the actress didn't magically become a trained ballerina and do all of the film's dancing like everyone so believed.

And the usually low-profile Portman has come to her own defense.

"I know what went on," the star told E! News. "We had an amazing experience making the movie. I don't want to tarnish it by entering it into nastiness."

Sounds like a slightly vague reaction, but Natalie Portman doesn't seem like one to get riled up in a cat fight.  

"I'm really proud of everyone's work on the movie, my experience. I will have that forever. And it's nice for me to know about that no matter what kind of nastiness or gossip is going around," she said.

After Lane told Dance magazine that Portman barely did any of her own moves for the role, despite raving reviews about her believable ballerina demeanor and skills, the film's choreographer -- and Portman's fiance, Benjamin Millepied, told the LA Times: "Honestly, 85% of that movie is Natalie."

Regardless of the dancing hoopla, Portman is concentrating on a much bigger role in life -- becoming a new mother, and not starving herself like she did for her Black Swan preparation. "I have to admit, it's really fun being able to take it easy and not worry about food," she said. "At the same time, you have to be healthy because there is a person inside me. I do love ice cream and desserts though!"


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