Saturday, April 2, 2011

911 Call of Lindsay Lohan's Betty Ford Scuffle Released

 Lindsay Lohan has just been cleared from a possible assault charge stemming from her altercation with Dawn Holland, but the incident still comes haunting her. The 911 call allegedly made by the "Machete" actress on December 12, 2010 has been obtained by Access Hollywood, and it uncovered the explosive exchange between her and the Betty Ford Center's then-staffer.

The call was nearly six minutes long, and hears Lindsay arguing, screaming and fighting over control of the phone with Dawn. It begins with the 24-year-old actress telling 911 operator, "I'm really uncomfortable with the woman that's in our house. I've never seen her before and she's freaking me out."

Dawn then says, "Officer, I'm definitely willing to speak with you as long as she gets off the phone so that we can talk...," before what seems to be a scuffle between the two takes place. Afterward, the staffer is heard in the background saying, "Pack your sh**. Lindsay, you need to pack your sh**. ... Now I'm getting ready to file charges on you. Get ready to be sued."

When Lindsay responds, "What do you want? Money?", Dawn replies, "No. What I want is to be treated the way I'm treating are disrespectful!". After another scuffle, Dawn can be head saying, "I am done with her. She hit me with the phone, she called the Sheriff, I'm trying to talk to the Sheriff."

"He asked to speak with me and I agreed to do so as long as she stops barking in the middle of our conversation," Dawn continues to report what happened in the background. "She tried to snatch the phone from me [and] hit me with the other phone that she had."

When Dawn gets back on the phone, she tells the 911 operator Lindsay refuses to take breathalyzer test. "The third party, which is Lindsay Lohan, is being rude," she says. "She's gotten on her phone with her mom and she's telling her mom I'm being rude to her, which I'm not, I'm just asking her to come into the living room to breathalyze like the other two ladies were doing."

Dawn goes on to say, "I have a problem because Lindsay Lohan pushed me and hit me with the phone while I was trying to talk to you." Asked if she wants to press charges against Lindsay, the staffer replies, "Yes, I think I do."

Dawn has since dropped her criminal complaint against Lindsay. Her lawyer, Keith Davidson, told TMZ at the time, "Dawn will not continue to press charges against Lindsay, nor will she be assisting any further in the investigation or prosecution. [She won't] in any way shape or form to do anything that would violate Lindsay's probation or cause an arrest."

On Tuesday, March 29, the Riverside County District Attorney decided not to pursue a possible assault charge against Lindsay over the incident. To People magazine, District Attorney spokesman John Hall explained that they are not filing any charges due to "insufficient evidence".


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