Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Akshay Kumar vows to kill the man who hurts Sonam Kapoor

Mumbai, Apr 3: Sonam Kapoor, who opened her account in the tinsel town with ‘Sawariyan’, is slated to star opposite Akshay for the film Thank You. Despite the credibility of such a pair, Akshay had the chosen sentences of praise to utter regarding her reel as well as the real life character
In the opinion of the macho actor, Sonam who is portraying one of her more mature roles is so real in her performance that she is going to have the audience respond emotionally to her tears and laughter. Even though, the actress had some adverse things to say about two of her co actors, according to Akshay, Sonam is one of the sweetest ones always highlighting her inner beauty. Akshay displayed the height of his chivalry and protectiveness with the saying that if a man hurts her, he will go to the extent of killing him.
While such hyperboles may sound clichéd, they often become a part of the promotional preceding the release of a film. But in spite, of the overstatement involved Akshay Kumar is always known for his amiability and helpfulness. This is especially true of the new brand of heroines who are too young for him. In the industry marked by jealousy and cut throat competition such gestures are always welcomed. But we hope he means what he says. At least he will have the golden opportunity to kill one such man. Guess who?


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