Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Miley Cyrus Says She Doesn't Hate Rebecca Black

After Miley Cyrus told Australian radio hosts that Rebecca Black's success was disappointing to her because she believed it should take more to become an artist than just recording a video and putting it on YouTube, Miley now says that she joins the likes Lady Gaga and Simon Cowell and recognizes the Friday singer's talent. When E! Online caught up with Miley at the Kids' Choice Awards and questioned her about her previous statement, Miley said, "I am a fan of Rebecca Black. I love Rebecca Black. I just got misquoted. I think she's great." And because that statement alone wasn't enough to convince us that she isn't the person who keeps writing that "Rebecca Black is a slut" in Friday's comments, Miley even admitted to performing Black's song, too: "I actually have this really embarrassing video that my sister has on her phone and I'm just waiting till the day that she puts it on YouTube. It's me driving, singing Rebecca Black and my hands are not always on the wheel while I'm singing the song. Not so good." So I guess while we wait for the day that little Noah Cyrus decides enough is enough and posts that video for all to see, let's all sit in silence and ponder the likelihood that someone can be misquoted during a radio interview. 


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