Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Russell Brand: Marriage is an 'Emotional Storm'

Russell Brand has labeled marriage an "emotional storm," but he means it in a good way. 

"I love it. I'm really very happily married. It's such an emotional storm," he said about his 6-month-new marriage to Katy Perry. "It's such an incredible intervention in my life. Since then, it's been remarkably normal and real and gentle and loving."

The Arthur star was a jokester (OK, he still is) who battled substance abuse before the pop princess entered his life and since they tied the knot in India last year, the couple has had some magical moments together. At the Grammys, Katy debuted their wedding pics on the backdrop as she performed a fairy-tale-esque rendition of her song "Not Like The Movies."

But that's about how far these two will go with combining work and love. 

Russell told USA Today about a potential collaboration for the pair:  "Not in the immediate future. We'd have to figure it out. I have no plans to embarrass myself further with singing. We have time. Both of us take our work very seriously. If something came along, maybe."

Haven't you embarassed yourself thoroughly by now, Mr. Brand?


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